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Mybb Premium Themes Nulled Code




Click the screenshot to get Download Page Key Features (Screenshots) - Exclusive design for gaming forum- Non-standard menu button and design- The whole template is responsive- Customize the standard footer and content area- In case you are new to MyBB, we have added instructions to get started- The Premium license of this template grants you the right to resell it, so you can make a profit off of it!- The template is updated for MyBB 1.8 and offers some new features like improved template previews and improved login system.- In order to comply with the license, we have removed elements that are not essential to the template- The template is Nulled for your peace of mind- The template is available in a zip file with 2 files.- The file is well documented and includes the installation guide, instructions to use the template, the template’s CSS and an image that shows how to use the template.Included Template Items:- A working login area that uses a new and improved login system- A working navigation area that uses the default navigation- A custom footer- A custom header- A working template preview area- A custom menu button- Working member list with infinite scroll- A working search bar with 3 modes A custom footer can be used to present content that doesn’t fit in the header or the navigation area. A custom menu button can be used to create a button that will navigate to a section of the site. A custom header can be used to create a header that has its own look. A custom template preview area can be used to have custom previews of the site to show you the template’s look. A working member list can be used to have a list of your members that can be sortable and infinite scroll. A custom navigation can be used to create a navigation bar that is hidden by default and can be shown by selecting a specific option. A working search bar can be used to create a search bar that can be used to search the site. A custom menu can be used to create a menu that is hidden by default and can be shown by selecting a specific option. Support This template is not hosted by us. It is provided to you by If you want to contact us about this template, you can do so at DarkFire Premium is a premium template for My




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Mybb Premium Themes Nulled Code

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